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I have very mixed feelings about customized/targeted marketing. The pinnacle of great marketing of late seems to be the ability to give customers exactly what they want without any barriers. In my day job, I hear discussions heralding the NetFlix and Amazon experience as the ultimate goal of any commercial service. Isn’t it fantastic that you can log into NetFlix and a dozen suggestions of content that you might like appear, based on your previous consumption? Meet the customer where they are. My library app functions with similar digital algorithms. I read a mystery, surely I would like several other suggested authors with similar stories.

What I’d really like see is an app that suggests, “you’ve consumed a lot of content like this – how about something completely different?” (Remember Monty Python “and now for something completely different“?) Is that just me?

My point, Readers, is keep your minds open, keep your hearts open and embrace every opportunity you get to experience something different. Trying something new can expand your horizons and give you a new perspective. Maybe you will find your new favourite food, or author, or walk in the park.


Published by Catriona

Creative visual artist specializing in graphic design, illustration and fine art (painting)

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