April Fool’s Day 2022

So, the other day I had the opportunity to give the gift of laughter.

April 1st in Southern Ontario was an overcast day, gloomy and darkish. I set my clothes for work out the night before like I always do, to streamline my morning routine, when venturing into the actual office.

I remembered to put my laptop in my travel bag (giving myself points for this!), hurried out the door, jumped into my car and was happy that traffic wasn’t too heavy.

I crossed the parking lot with a purposeful stride. Only as I lifted my knees for the steps up to the entrance did I look down at my feet. I was surprised, and not delighted, to see 2 different colour shoes on my feet. If you are thinking that I’m completely spacey you should know that I have these same shoes in 3 colours because they are soooo comfortable. On my feet this rainy Friday were one army green, and one black with a patent toe. In my defense, they were on the correct feet.
Sheepishly, I scurried across the lobby, up 4 flights of stairs and neatly tucked my feet under my desk.

A little later that morning another colleague forwarded an email newsletter that lauded the benefits of laughter. Having just given myself a chuckle at my distracted, and I’d like to say, uncharacteristic, appearance, I shared a snap of my feet in a reply with the explanation — "this is me in the office this morning", adding "you’re welcome".

It was the replies to my email that I think are most enlightening. I didn’t realize that the department VP was copied when I replied all (insert another blushing emoji here).
Most replied that I’d given them a good laugh. I’m pleased about that

— if you can’t laugh at yourself…
To me, the most interesting part of the story is how much insight into others’ character those replies gave me. Some of these people are my dearest friends and I could tell they thought this was hilarious but they also felt some embarrassment for me.
A couple of comments were suggestions on how to mitigate future "wardrobe malfunctions" (keep spare shoes in my locker), a couple others were kind enough to assume I was getting dressed in the dark.
My favourite responses were that I could be starting a new trend! Just need a follower 😁
What’s my point? How we act and react to any situation tells others as much about us as the words or pictures in the message.

#beyourself #laughoutloud #trendset #leadtheway #lol #sharewithfriends


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