It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday

“It’s nine o’clock on a Saturday, the regular crowd shuffles in…” — no, not really. It’s sometime between 3:45 and 4:20 am and I’m lying in bed with a million ideas for things to write about flying through my head.

Next to me, there is loud snoring and at my feet, and by my side, loud purring. The dog twitches and squeaks with her own dreams on the floor next to my bed. My neck is tilted to the side to accommodate a small, furry body and another, not so small, furry body generates heat and cramping in my thighs.

I’m thinking about the books I’ve read recently, about being a leader even without a leadership title, about writing blog posts, about how to promote my painting, about learning and teaching. I’m thinking about the crocuses that are starting to sprout and whether I can and should take a few days off work to drive to Florida with a friend. I’m thinking about how to answer the interview question “what do you see yourself doing in 5 years”. I’m thinking about how old I am and where the time has gone.

Random song lines zing through my head — like the one above.

What do you think about when you lie awake in the middle of the night?


Published by Catriona

Creative visual artist specializing in graphic design, illustration and fine art (painting)

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