Picking up the paddle…

About a year and a half ago, I was working full-time and feeling completely drained of energy and unhappy. My job was too much and not enough at the same time. I work for an excellent company, one that wins “best employer” every year. I have a good salary, benefits and adequate vacation time. SoContinue reading “Picking up the paddle…”


Cherry Pound Cake

My intention for this blog was and is to write about art, my art, other inspiring creative projects. On family day this year I found myself thinking about my father and baking a cake. Cherry Pound Cake is the birthday treat I made for him for many years. Often, he said there weren’t enough cherriesContinue reading “Cherry Pound Cake”

Custom Content

I have very mixed feelings about customized/targeted marketing. The pinnacle of great marketing of late seems to be the ability to give customers exactly what they want without any barriers. In my day job, I hear discussions heralding the NetFlix and Amazon experience as the ultimate goal of any commercial service. Isn’t it fantastic thatContinue reading “Custom Content”

Creative fortune telling?

When I was a young teen, I have to confess that I was very interested in the supernatural, fortune-telling and Tarot cards. Some of that interest still persists in my grown-up, very practical life. My attention was captured, interest piqued, when a recent design e-news article featured this wonderful project by a young Italian designer:Continue reading “Creative fortune telling?”

Own a Colour for Unicef

As a designer and artist, colour is one of my favourite things. I absolutely love red, yellow, orange and most warm hues and can’t abide by grey unless it’s absolutely necessary or on one of my pets. This website: http://www.ownacolour.com is one of the greatest ideas I’ve seen for Unicef fundraising ever. Check it out.Continue reading “Own a Colour for Unicef”

I’m ready to make a difference

After a brief creative hiatus, I’m back with renewed inspiration and energy. Internalizing many quotations from great leaders and thinkers…. “be the change you want to see in the world”… “keep calm and carry on” etc. has led me to the realization that indeed, “Rome wasn’t built in a day” and revitalizing my website andContinue reading “I’m ready to make a difference”