Cherry Pound Cake

My intention for this blog was and is to write about art, my art, other inspiring creative projects. On family day this year I found myself thinking about my father and baking a cake. Cherry Pound Cake is the birthday treat I made for him for many years. Often, he said there weren’t enough cherriesContinue reading “Cherry Pound Cake”

Custom Content

I have very mixed feelings about customized/targeted marketing. The pinnacle of great marketing of late seems to be the ability to give customers exactly what they want without any barriers. In my day job, I hear discussions heralding the NetFlix and Amazon experience as the ultimate goal of any commercial service. Isn’t it fantastic thatContinue reading “Custom Content”

Happy 2021!

Well, that was certainly a year like no other. We have seen remarkable acts of humanity and inhumanity through 2020. I am so fortunate to work from home, to have a home, to have friends and family. As a Canadian, I found that in spite of restrictions, or even because of them, there were manyContinue reading “Happy 2021!”

Creative fortune telling?

When I was a young teen, I have to confess that I was very interested in the supernatural, fortune-telling and Tarot cards. Some of that interest still persists in my grown-up, very practical life. My attention was captured, interest piqued, when a recent design e-news article featured this wonderful project by a young Italian designer:Continue reading “Creative fortune telling?”